technology to serve the purpose 

EARTHWAYS is developing a highly efficient transport mechanism for extracting geothermal energy. Unlike traditional systems, the presence of hot water in the deep earth layers is not required to allow the system to function effectively. This increases the applicability of the system to more than 80%. The design of the system requires only one bore hole, which further reduces production and installation costs. Because only heat is transferred, the system is extremely environmental friendly.


The system is completely scalable to geothermal conditions and energy requirements. No moving parts are installed which dramatically reduces operating- and maintenance costs. Because of the continuous presence of geothermal energy the EARTHWAYS system is THE system to provide cost effective sustainable energy for generations to come.


In its basic form the geothermal system can be described as a vertical tube in which a specific liquid evaporates at  the hot side of the tube where it absorbs energy. The gas propels towards the cold side of the tube near the earth’s surface where the gas condenses and releases the energy. The condensed liquid then flows back towards the warm side of the tube where the process is repeated. For geothermal use in the Netherlands the system has to reach depths of 2.000 to 3.000 meter to reach a temperature between 90 to 130 degrees Celsius. Other areas could reach this temperature sooner. Systems for geothermal energy require specific alterations such as facilities to enable a steady flow of liquid over a large distance.